Sauce Society 3D Poster

3D Poster Design for a local monthly meetup.

A pro-bono poster design and illustration for Sauce Society a beer drinking meetup of motion designer and ad agency folk in Denver Colorado. 
Created from scratch using 3DStudioMax, Photoshop and After Effects.
The aim was to produce a visualy dynamic and detailed 8bit friendly Mouse, Snake and Beer.  Everything start to finish was created by yours truly.
Above is the final poster in stereoscopic 3D Red/Blue   Below is the left camera. 
Below is an earlier version which was deemed to difficult to read.  I still love how the snake is really integrated into the text and I wanted even more pixel breakup but it just became too messy.  This would have looked good in stereo pair. 
Once again you can see the progression to the simple background. I did this one early on after the snake was complete. 
Below is a project I had previously done for myself. I was attempting to make a photo real tenticle, and based this poster on this starting point. 
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